When You Believe in Yourself You Awaken Your Strength and Grow

When you dare to believe in yourself, you make courageous decisions. It is only then that your reality changes and that you make your way without being afraid of the gaze of others, without anxiety about the future. Having confidence in yourself allows you to grow in the direction you choose.

Believe in Yourself You Awaken Your Strength

When I believe in myself, I make decisions with more confidence. When I trust my resources, my experience and remember my values and my needs, I awaken strength to forge my own path.

Only then do I allow myself to grow and move forward, to build the reality that I want to build, to avoid obstacles, to remove weights from my backpack, to let go of what hurts me to enrich myself. It all seems easy at a glance. That sounds good.

After all, in personal growth, the first commandment is always to learn to believe in yourself. However, even though we have read books, works and articles on the subject, it is still an open topic.

Behind many mood swings are undoubtedly a lack of confidence and a lack of appreciation. Self-esteem is frayed. The mind is dominated by internal dialogue accustomed to censorship, criticizing itself almost constantly.

It is very difficult to get a person to trust their own being when all that is there is deep psychological ruins and damage. The important thing to keep in mind is that you don’t stop trusting yourself overnight.

Usually, it is in our childhood and adolescence that we begin to integrate a series of negative or equivocal patterns or assertions that damage our confidence. It is necessary to detect these injuries and to rebuild oneself to feel good.

When You Believe in Yourself

When You Believe in Yourself

According to Abraham Maslow, one of the 20th century’s leading psychologists, we have two choices in life. The first is to choose the path to safety; the second, to promote our growth.

But it’s not easy. In order for someone to allow themselves to grow and develop according to their dreams, goals and needs, they must deactivate a number of limiting beliefs, including irrational ideas and embedded fears of which they are not even aware.

In fact, many people are in therapy because they are living far below their true human potential. Why?

The First Experiences that Minimized Your Potential

The First Experiences that Minimized Your Potential

You know when you believe in yourself, feel happier and more secure. However, you unable to recognize anything special about yourself you don’t feel qualified, and you haven’t done anything that you are proud of. Always felt like a stranger in your own skin.

This type of reasoning is very common among those who, since childhood, have clearly lacked emotional support. The lack of validation, affection and trust from their parents is undoubtedly the root of the lack of self-confidence. It’s hard to believe in yourself when no one has supported us emotionally.

The Psychology of Belief

The Psychology of Belief

In 2016, a very interesting study was published in Scientific Reports. In this work, Dr. Jonas Kaplan and his colleagues discovered through magnetic resonance the power of beliefs in our brains.

Whether it’s political beliefs or unfounded ideas that we value, all beliefs are stored in a complex neural network. This network is, moreover, connected to regions with emotional functions.

All of this makes it so difficult to make someone understand that they have great potential that they should believe in themselves more when making decisions. It is not enough for someone to insist on what we are worth. Real change happens when we ourselves “reformulate” these damaging and exhausting ideas, false patterns.

When Believe in Yourself You Courageously Decide

When Believe in Yourself You Courageously Decide

When you believe in yourself, you decide better. And when you finally dare to question your old beliefs and the ideas that others have instilled, you let go of fears and insecurities.

It is not easy to do this inner cleansing and eliminate these seeds of criticism that others have passed on to us. To the point of convincing ourselves that we couldn’t, that we didn’t know, that we didn’t deserve this and that …

We all have potential. We all have the right to leave behind this set of beliefs that have so limited us. It is time to grow up, to choose the path of self-realization as Abraham Maslow pointed out. And we all have internal resources to make it happen.

From now on you believe in yourself as you deserve, now stop giving importance to the conditions around you to understand that it is your own decisions that define you. Those that will allow you to overcome the difficulties to create the reality that you want …


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