Who is in Charge the Conscious and Subconscious Mind

This is a fascinating query and the reply you’ll get shall be very depending on the particular person you communicate to. Even within the area of Spiritual growth you’ll discover completely different solutions to this query. Let’s have a look deeper into the explanations behind this cut up in pondering.

Firstly you will need to perceive simply how highly effective your mind is and the two elements that it’s made up of.

Your subconscious mind has a recording of each Sound, Smell, Image, Taste, Thought, Emotion, Sensation and Feeling for each second of your life. Yes for each second of your life. How a lot data is that and the way highly effective should or not it’s to have the ability to entry all that data in a break up second?
The finest method to illustrate

The finest method to illustrate that is with the next story.

Let’s say that the Conscious Mind is the Gardener and the Subconscious Mind is the Garden and the outcome being the crop, naturally. If we now look deeper into every of the elements we’ll be capable to acquire a greater understanding as to how we may use our mind energy to achieve higher outcomes.
The Gardener, being your Conscious Mind works solely on the bodily enter, which means it’s his activity to manage what goes into the backyard. This ranges from Seeds to Fertilizers, Water and even Sunlight. As you’ll be able to see completely nothing would develop within the Garden if it weren’t for the gardener. The most essential side of the Gardener activity isn’t what goes into the Garden however what he retains out of the Garden.
You see everyone knows that the proper proportions of water, daylight and fertilizers will produce a crop. What is extra essential is the exclusion of the WEEDS. Should the Gardener let any of those weeds into the Garden the ensuing crop can be much less considerable if any in any respect.
The energy of the weeds is unimaginable and the identical form of energy is held by Negative Thoughts which are handed on to our Subconscious Mind. You see the Subconscious Mind cannot decide, it merely acts. There isn’t any choice making course of on the stage of the Subconscious Mind it’s going to take EVERYTHING that it’s given as your want and due to this fact should act upon it.
Think about it! If it cannot discriminate nor decide however merely act it’s far to late to make any modifications as soon as the thought is within the Subconscious Mind. Meaning you have to do all of the work on the Conscious Mind stage.

What is all this work speaking about?

You want to make sure that the enter/data that’s handed out of your Conscious Mind to your Subconscious Mind is predominantly constructive. Predominantly as a result of except you’ve had years and years of coaching (for your mindset) having solely optimistic ideas shall be unimaginable.
What hope is there for the newbie, you ask, if this is the case. You are in luck. It has been confirmed {that a} optimistic thought is way extra highly effective when in comparison with a Negative thought. The nice part about this is that should you had been to seek out your self considering something unfavourable you’ll be able to negate this thought by stopping it and flooding it with a optimistic thought.
Why will we have to be so vigilant with our pondering? As talked about above the Subconscious Mind cannot decide and can act. What this implies for you is that you can be placing into motion a request for no matter thought you have, good or bad. Unfortunately destructive ideas appear to be extra in our minds, lately as a result of quantity of Fear instilled in us by society and it is that this mindset we should be taught to manage and alter to a predominant optimistic mindset.
Do not get upset if much less then excellent conditions begin to come up for you as you’re the one which requested for them. Take them as they arrive and be taught from them. Think again of the form of ideas you had a while again that may have introduced this case on. Once you’ll be able to pin this thought sample down you’ll be able to be certain that when it subsequent reveals up in your mind you can be in a position to cease it and alter its polarity to optimistic and acquire that outcome.
So take charge of your Conscious Mind and filter all the Negative ideas out of its information circulate to the Subconscious Mind. Making this occur is an important step in direction of Conscious Life Mastery as the ability you’re tapping into is the one which interacts with the Universal Power that creates every little thing around and all through us.
Can you see probably the most highly effective part in all of this? Is it the Conscious or the Subconscious Mind? Well the reply is just, each of them are at your command, so that you can use correctly and it’s YOU that instructs and controls them, making YOU probably the most highly effective element on this equation.
You are the one that may filter the enter your Conscious Mind passes on to your Subconscious Mind and it’s the Subconscious mind that works instantly with the Universal Power. With you on the prime of the equation it is you that may change something. You merely must take motion.
Be it Sickness or Health, Poverty or Wealth, every part is of our personal making whether or not you prefer it or not.
The state of affairs you’re in Today is of your personal making as a result of of your previous ideas and the state of affairs you can be in, in the future, shall be determined by YOUR PRESENT ideas.

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