What Makes You Happy? 5 Factors to Improve Your Happiness

What makes you happy? It is anything but difficult to remain happy when times are acceptable. It is all the more testing when life has rattled you. In troublesome occasions it is imperative to be versatile. Flexibility is that quality that empowers individuals to confront misfortune and adjust to it without enduring troubles. A tough individual can “move with the punches”. A few people are brought into the world with more flexibility than others. We as a whole can turn out to be stronger. Knowing the qualities of tough individuals can assist you with turning out to be stronger yourself.

Discover 5 Factors

Our relationship with happiness evolves throughout our life. When we are little-e-s, our degree of happiness undoubtedly depends on the relationship we have with our friends. On the other hand, when we grow up, it begins to be more subject to our aspirations.

Our responsibilities change and increase, which also increases the likelihood of us feeling frustrated, as does stress and anxiety when our work or our pay is not totally suitable for us. But this is a general view, because for some, the degree of happiness depends on another type of situation.

Let’s take another example. Some people put the need to be in a relationship above all else. If they fail to be in a relationship or if the relationship goes badly, their happiness will be diminished. This way, when our happiness is simply related to the fulfillment of a desire, we can suffer more easily.

So what makes you happy? What do you value most during this stage of your life you are in now? Today we are going to discover 5 factors that influence us in an important way, although it is necessary to specify that they do not always act at the same time, but that sometimes, depending on the moment, one acquires more of importance than others.

What Makes You Happy?  Discover 5 Factors

Your Way of Being

1. Your Way of Being

You are certainly thinking of the external factors that can influence you, but the most serious and the less obvious are inside you. Your attitude towards life, and the way you deal with problems can affect your level of happiness.

Imagine being a person who blames others for your problems. In the end, you are going to believe that the world is against you and that will not make you very happy. It is important that you get into the habit of being responsible for the things you do.

Can we change the way we are? Yes of course. By being kind, patient, by discovering in ourselves the problems that we have to solve… We can get better if we start to have a good time with ourselves and with others.

Where You Live

2. Where You Live

Even if you doubt it, where you live has a big influence on your state of mind. The perfect place, the one that will make you happy, is the one that meets your expectations and gives you positive vibrations and emotions.

The big problem is that sometimes we can’t live where we want to. Imagine that you spent your childhood in a place that was near the sea, but for various reasons, you had to move to a place far from the sea.

Even if you don’t believe it, if the sea gives you very positive feelings, being away from it will make you sad and affect your level of happiness. The freedom you once felt – that peace – is now gone in favor of some suffocation and the feeling of being a prisoner.

Your Level of Requirement

3. Your Level of Requirement

If you have had very demanding parents or if you had a somewhat complicated childhood, perhaps you have developed perfectionist attitudes. In this way, once you have passed this line, the more you will be a perfectionist and the more you will suffer, being led to feel a real anguish because of a comma that you have placed in a text, a small fold on a shirt you have ironed, or because you arrived a minute late.

No one can be perfect, and one thing is for sure; perfect people are almost always sad, frustrated, and stressed. They know they can’t achieve the goals they set for themselves, because even if they don’t think so, the goals aren’t realistic.

In order for your level of happiness to be satisfactory, you must adjust your demand level so that it is balanced. When you reduce it, you’ll find that you can appreciate the simpler details, the ones you didn’t appreciate before.

 Interpersonal Relationships

4. Interpersonal Relationships

The position you occupy within a social group significantly affects your self-esteem. This is why it is not the same to be married as to be divorced, just as it is very different to have a lot of friends and to have few, even if all of that very much depends on the point of view.

If we cultivate healthy relationships, our level of happiness will be much greater. Unfortunately, very often we have to fight with toxic people or with situations that we don’t like. An example of this is the one we talked about: a divorce.

As the social being that we are, relationships are vitally important to us. This is why they vary so much in our degree of happiness, because without being able to avoid it, we will experience disappointments, lies, abandonment …

You’re Thoughts

5. What Makes You Happy? You’re Thoughts

Your thoughts will always determine your reality. This is why even if you have a precarious job and salary, even if your relationships are not in the right place, what will really matter is how you deal with all these situations.

As we said at the beginning of the article, during certain stages of life, work and money are likely to become very important. What if it is not as satisfying as we expected? Indulging in negativity will inevitably develop negativity.

You choose whether you want to be optimistic or negative. It is certain that being optimistic is not easy, although it is contradictory. Why is it always more difficult to be positive? Because it’s always easier to complain, to get angry, than to do the opposite.

It is clear that many of the factors that we have mentioned do not depend on us to evolve. This is the case most of the time with external factors. What makes you happy? What we can do, however, is change the way we look at things.

What Makes You Happy?

Take this last factor What Makes You Happy? thoughts, and use it to your advantage. Do you not like a situation? Do you think the world is against you? Do you hate the place where you live? If you maintain a positive attitude and cultivate patience, then you will succeed in changing all of those situations that are currently negatively affecting your level of happiness.

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