Emotional Management: 7 Techniques How to Develop Emotional Management

Emotional Management techniques provide us with adequate mechanisms to channel everyday tensions, pressures and stress that completely reduce our potential, thus promoting calm and creativity. We must not forget that although emotions are a part of our lives, knowing how to regulate them is essential in shaping a more fulfilling reality and increasing our opportunities.

Neuropsychologists tell us that people have an average of 6,000 thoughts per day, 95% of which are the same as the day before and only a little less than the previous week. Learning to think differently and change your attitude towards certain people, ideas, situations or objects is not an easy task, we know that. This is so because no one comes into the world knowing what and how to control emotions.

Emotional Management Techniques

Situations to avoid, situations to face
Directing our attention to something else
Improve our self-control by focusing on the immediate future
Mental note: concerns are relegated to just one time of the day
Question with answer: what’s the worst that can happen?
Meditation as a way to relax body and mind
Find your way of escape, your way of expression


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