Subconscious Mind and Impact on Our Behaviour

“I have self-control.” “I can manage my behaviour.” Surprisingly sufficient, our actions are little beneath our management and there’s a driving force behind our each motion.
Implausible as this may appear, while you suppose before taking an motion or deciding on one thing, you achieve this utilizing your conscious mind. But life is replete with completely different actions at each moment and each step. All these actions aren’t at all times a results of your conscious selections, however subconscious mind too performs a significant function. The actions managed by your subconscious mind are beyond your management.
The examine of subconscious thoughts and understanding it might probably assist enhance your relations and assist you recognize individuals better.
Know What Subconscious Mind Is

Know What Subconscious Mind Is

Let us take a easy instance of car driving course of. When you first be taught driving, you fully focus in your car’s gear and clutch. You focus deeply on the entire course of. You discover each bump, each pothole, and each impediment. As you develop into skilled, your subconscious thoughts stores all of your actions, and also you begin driving with out making cognizant effort. You start to keep away from obstacles routinely, change gears routinely, whereas performing different actions on the identical time similar to listening to music, or speaking on telephone. Once you turn into a professional, the entire driving course of turns into natural for you and your selections turn into automated.

What Happens Inside Your Subconscious Mind?

Just like driving a car on topsy-turvy roads and evading potholes, you may have been consistently driving by your life’s journey- a journey that you just started as a child. There have been a number of completely different potholes and obstacles that got here your approach, and also you crossed all of them, and with important studying all alongside.
Depending on whether or not your actions had detrimental or constructive affect on you, essential judgments had been made by you on dos and don’ts, i.e. issues you need to and shouldn’t do. You made your individual judgements on life’s potholes and determined what needs to be carried out to keep away from obstacles.
You gathered some information and shaped a information base. You judged your self, individuals around you and distinguished the great from the unhealthy. Based on individuals’s appears to be like, all of you made conclusions. Just since you met some dangerous one who had gray eyes and a long nose, your child brain got here to a conclusion that every one individuals with gray eyes and long noses have been dangerous.
If such experiences get repeated, even when by likelihood, your illogical beliefs receive the help that you just subconsciously search for: “I instructed you so. Didn’t I?”, you inform your self. Your studying and judgment develop into bolstered. Just like car driving act goes into your subconscious thoughts by recurrent repetitions, an unlimited deal of studying and judgments of your child brain have gone into your subconscious thoughts by continuous re-enforcements earlier than you could possibly develop up and consider them along with your mature conscious brain.
Some of the principles you made could also be completely illogical, however they’re now so firmly positioned in your subconscious thoughts that while you take a look at a particular person with the traits you outlined in your subconscious thoughts’s rule guide, you’ll mechanically reply in a selected approach and would not even know that you just reacted that approach.
Behaviour - Driven by Subconscious Mind

Behaviour – Driven by Subconscious Mind

You carry out certain duties out of your conscious thoughts, however many of the actions are depending on subconscious thoughts. They are similar as reflex actions in certain methods, however fluctuate in some ways. As far as bodily reflex actions are involved, there are some actions or disturbances in and round you, and earlier than you understand, your physique responds to the disturbance. But proper after your reflex motion, you understand how your physique responded. However when the subconscious thoughts takes management, often, your conscious thoughts is unaware that you may have responded to some sub conscious stimuli.
Conscious thoughts is analytical and logical whereas subconscious thoughts is alleged to be irrational. And since your behaviour is generally ruled by subconscious mind, you may envisage the result.

Affect of Subconscious Mind on Your Behaviour & Thoughts

There is an inventory of things in your subconscious thoughts, which incorporates the issues you’re “not OK” with. These objects fall beneath two classes as follows:

· Things with which you’re comfy and may comfortably say that “It is not OK for me” or “I cannot do this” or “That is not meant for me”. You haven’t any pangs of conscience while you say all this about certain not acceptable issues.

· Second class is of the stuff you discover advanced and people who harm you. These embody feeling harm on understanding your brief comings, having heartburn eager about your weaknesses, and feeling ashamed to just accept them.

Mostly, this second class is accountable for your irregular and unnatural behaviour.
These are the objects of which you shaped some opinions about your self (“I’m not OK”) in your childhood, after which these ideas obtained bolstered into your subconscious thoughts. Also, these might be associated to some thwarting experiences while you needed to be embarrassed about your self, thus making a “Not OK” opinion about your self.
You would need to neglect about these items. Your conscious thoughts may do away with them however your subconscious thoughts at all times has them stored. Such issues type your subconscious pain factors.
You undergo quite a few experiences and incidents in life easily, however there are a couple of incidents which immediately contact the ache factors in your subconscious and also you reply painfully. When you expertise these ache factors, you’re overpowered with unusual senses and your response is just not beneath your management.
These might be the identical sensations and emotions that you just initially had while you went by some disagreeable incident as a toddler, and which you tried to push beneath the carpet all alongside and made efforts to evict out of your thoughts. In such conditions, you develop into completely helpless in your actions. You are then completely pushed and carry out uncontrolled actions. Your subconscious mind makes you helpless.
We all have our “pain points”. And thus all of us have our idiosyncrasies. Whenever ache factors are touched, we reply sharply. Since the ache factors fluctuate from individual to individual, completely different individuals could reply to the identical stimuli in a unique method. Someone could not care a rattling a couple of remark over which the opposite particular person feels harm.
Thus once more, this illustrates the driven-ness of your behaviour – you’re pushed to an motion and are completely powerless in these circumstances. You won’t wish to be beneath some management, however nonetheless you do function in the way in which in direction of which your subconscious mind drives you to.

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