Self-Esteem: People with Good Self-Esteem are Like That!

People who have good Self-Esteem know that this characteristic is essential for living well, because it allows them to avoid losing their dignity and even their health. This is why they maintain and take care of this psychic “muscle” every day with awareness, courage and respect.


People who have good self-esteem develop character traits that allow them to live healthier lives. They are not, however, superheroes. They are men and women like the others.

The only difference is that at some point they decided to give importance to their values. It doesn’t matter whether they did it consciously or unconsciously. They just took a more positive approach to themselves and it helps them feel better.

Now, if I tell you that self-esteem is the key to our survival, some might consider me to be exaggerating. And yet, it is.

Carl Rogers once defined this dimension as the core of the personality. Renowned psychotherapists and experts in this field, like Nathaniel Branden, understand it as this human need that contributes to the smooth running of life at every stage.

Indeed, a positive self-esteem gives us some kind of control over our reality. Conversely, when self-esteem is low, the spirit and self-confidence are extinguished, the identity deteriorates and the person has to cope with the pressures of the environment totally unarmed.

In a way, we all know the consequences of not having this psychological aspect of our personality. The good news is that this is a dimension that can be developed, strengthened and protected.

It doesn’t matter what age or what period we are going through. It’s always a good time to fix that engine of life.

characteristics of people who have good Self-Esteem

What are the characteristics of people who have good Self-Esteem?

Just a few months ago, Michigan State University of Psychology conducted an interesting study on self-esteem.

Research Director Dr. Brent Dollentan has found that people with good self-esteem live longer and enjoy a remarkable quality of life. They also have happier relationships. These people are generally healthier. They are also more respectful and appreciate their work and their free time more.

Moreover, this study reveals another interesting fact. On average, people in their sixties seem to have higher self-esteem than the rest of the population.

These experts thus put forward an interesting aspect: adolescents and young adults seem to have difficulty finding their balance with the concept of self-esteem. So now let’s see what approaches they should take to overcome this difficulty.


People with good Self-Esteem are More Humble

This point is important. Indeed, when it comes to self-esteem, it is common for some people to get the wrong idea.

It’s not so much about developing high self-esteem since in high doses, self-esteem leads to narcissistic behavior. Healthy self-esteem goes hand in hand with humility. A good self-esteem knows how to value simplicity and is attentive to the things that really matter.

People who feel Competent

People who feel Competent

Albert Bandura, a prominent social psychologist, defined the concept of self-efficacy. It is a concept that we should all apply in our daily lives.

It’s about feeling not only competent in everything we do, but also able to learn from our own mistakes. This is in order to improve and learn. It is therefore an exercise in wisdom and personal growth.

Self-efficacy emphasizes self-esteem. It values it, strengthens it, encourages it or gives it new impetus so that we dare to do things. The goal is also not to be swayed by criticism or by classic phrases like “you can’t”, “you don’t deserve it.”

stopped being Afraid

They stopped being Afraid

People who have good self-esteem have been able to get rid of fear because it limited their lives, their steps and their desires.

We know that fear has a use, that of guaranteeing our own survival. However, sometimes we give it too much importance. Sometimes it is not necessary, and sometimes other people project their fears to us.

Having good self-esteem involves, among other things, applying the following personal approach:

  • Don’t be afraid to speak the truth when it’s necessary, even if it means disappointing others.
  • Streamline those meaningless fears that keep us from showing the world our true self. It is only after leaving fear behind that we will be able to take certain actions.
  • For example, dressing as we wish, showing ourselves as we really are, doing hobbies that suit us, etc. And this, in order to build the life we dream of.
People with good Self-Esteem

People with good Self-Esteem take responsibility for what they say and what they do

According to Abraham Maslow, a good way to achieve self-realization is to be consistent. There has to be consistency between what we say and what we do. It also means taking responsibility for everything we do and the possible consequences that may result.

People who develop their self-esteem on a daily basis are generally characterized by their high level of responsibility. They understand that it is they and they alone who manage their destiny and their reality. Every mistake made is their fault. On the other hand, each success and each achievement is also the result of their own efforts.

only the present exists

The past no longer exists, the future is not yet here: only the present exists

To strengthen our practice of self-esteem, we need to focus on the present moment.

In his book Focus, Daniel Goleman, encourages us to exercise our attention. Thanks to it, we can determine what is really important. And this at all times.

This attitude is essential to take care of our self-esteem. Otherwise, we run the risk of becoming trapped in yesterday’s wounds, past failures or being held back by fears about the future.

To be strong means to be an active part of the present. So it comes down to being a person who knows where she is going and what she wants in life.

People who have good self-esteem do not follow role models. They do not allow themselves to be influenced or persuaded by anyone who thinks differently or has other values.

These people think and decide for themselves. They do it, what’s more, without fear because they know that to be happy sometimes you have to make decisions that don’t always please everyone. So think about all of this.


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