Breakup – How Do You React To A Breakup?

How Do You React To A Breakup

Who has never suffered from a breakup? And how did you react after experiencing this painful stage in life?

Sometimes we don’t always act in a mature way, and we try to make the other person feel guilty. The feelings that we have on edge are many.

Knowing the phases we go through after breaking up a relationship can help us experience this moment in the best possible way.

It’s something painful that sooner or later can be overcome. Does time heal all ailments?


1. Negation

This is the first step: the breakup is brutal, unwanted, and it is totally denied by the sufferer.

What more can you do if your partner cheated on you, or went further? You only keep the good times in your mind, and you absolutely do not accept this breakup.

The people who are in this first stage are lying to themselves. They think it’s just a crisis, a bad time to go, which will be resolved over time. Unfortunately, they are lying to themselves.


2. Anger

The second phase of negation consists of an episode of anger. It happens when we are aware of the rupture, and there is no going back.

Be careful not to try to avoid this step, as it is essential. Anger is necessary to be able to overcome the breakup.

Without it, it’s harder to move forward, and you may not be able to get over the breakup if you don’t experience it.

In our lives, we all try to avoid getting angry and feeling angry. But you have to understand the importance of this feeling.

Do not suppress your anger, as it may damage your later relationships. So allow yourself to be pissed off.


3. Negotiation

When a person is on the verge of death, he can negotiate with God to save his life even though he has never been a believer.

This is also the case in couple relationships. This negotiation takes place with us or with our partner. But is it worth it to negotiate?

But why are we negotiating? There are different possibilities for maintaining a relationship: open relationships, long distance relationships, etc.

That is, looking for options so that the relationship can continue. How often can negotiation work? It all depends on the couple in question.


4. Depression

If the negotiation didn’t work out, this is when it all falls apart. We begin to understand that the relationship is broken, and that there is no turning back.

And sometimes this phase of depression comes quite late, after negation, anger and negotiation. This is the hardest time for people who have just had a breakup.

It is important that you rely on the people who truly love you, as they will help you cope with this situation. Try to eat well, get good rest, and maintain a healthy lifestyle, even if you don’t feel like it.

You can afford a few days of crying, confinement, and darkness. But don’t let this phase last too long. Build up your strength to move forward!


5. Acceptance

It is very important to live each step of the breakup until the last. To interrupt this process would be an error which would affect the following relations.

The negotiation stage is not necessarily positive; it all depends on the couple in question. If the negotiation result in a solution, but the relationship is not the same as it was before, it will hurt us much more than a simple and definitive breakup.

Once you’ve got through each step, all you have to do is accept the breakup. After the anger and the tears, you’re fine again! You can see your ex again without feeling bad.

The process of breaking up is over, you have grown and learned. The first break is always the most difficult, but it will help you overcome the ones to come with greater maturity.

Are you familiar with these steps? Do you think some of these could be avoided? Tell us about your experiences with romantic relationships. Getting past them and maturing has certainly made you much better people.

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