Fatigue: 6 Tips to Fight It

Fatigue: 6 Tips to Fight It
Do you regularly feel tired? Do you face slack during the day and find yourself often dreaming about your bed? You will of course need to re-evaluate your sleep to make sure you are getting enough sleep. But besides that, there are several other tips to follow to fight fatigue on a daily basis.
Here are 6 of them. Some will wake you up almost instantly, and others will have longer-term effects.
Stretch Your Legs in the Morning

1) Stretch Your Legs in the Morning

If you can walk to work, choose this option rather than taking the car. This little workout will allow your body to wake up, not only with the exercise you give it, but also with the fresh air and outside light that you can enjoy during your morning walk.
If you work from home, you can also do a few simple exercises at home to wake up your body: stretch, run in place, and shake your arms and legs.
If you are an athletic, feel free to plan your morning workout to keep you energized throughout the day.
Take the Sun

2) Take the Sun

Outside light helps our body wake up because it tells our internal clock that it is daytime, not nighttime.
In addition to this, the sun provides our body with a necessary dose of vitamin D, this vitamin which boosts our immune system and revitalizes us. However, few foods can replace the sun in terms of vitamin D intake. No excuse, therefore: you will need to take the time to breathe the air outside. You will see, it will do you good!
The best thing is to spend at least 15 minutes or more outside every day. Do it in summer, but also in winter when the sun is shining. Well wrapped up in a coat, the rays of the sun will quickly make you forget the cold.
Be careful though: staying for hours under a blazing sun will have the opposite effect and take away all your energy. The sun should therefore be consumed in moderation!
Drink a Glass of Ice Water

3) Drink a Glass of Ice Water

Cold water has the power to wake us up and energize us, while hydrating us. Indeed, it can trigger adrenaline, which will then help boost our concentration. As soon as you get tired, go get yourself a glass of water. This is a great bonus for your body, as it is advisable to drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day to maintain good health.
Also, if you are sitting all day, it will require you to take a break and get up, if only for a few moments. No doubt this will also help you wake up!
If you’ve been drinking a lot, you can also wake up by wetting your face in cold water.

4) Laugh

In addition to putting us in a good mood, laughter also helps fill us with energy.
If you don’t have anyone to laugh with when you’re feeling tired, no problem: the internet is full of photos and videos that will make you laugh easily!
Take A Dose of Mint or Lemon

5) Take A Dose of Mint or Lemon

Mint and lemon both have the gift of revitalizing us easily and thus combat temporary fatigue.
For mint, you can just suck on a mint candy as soon as you feel tired, or add a few leaves to your glass of water.
You can do the same with a lemon, or even bite into a fresh slice. For tea lovers, know that lemon tea also has the gift of waking us up.
Maintain A Balanced Diet

6) Maintain A Balanced Diet

It won’t have instant effects on your fatigue, but it is very important in helping you fight fatigue in the long run.
Instead of rushing for coffee, which will end up tiring you more than waking you up once its positive effects have worn off, opt for a balanced diet.
Many foods are packed with vitamins, minerals, and other good things that will help your body fuel. Here are a few.
Fresh Fruit

1) Raw Vegetables and Fresh Fruit

Vegetables help energize us, especially thanks to the many antioxidants they contain. To get the most of their benefits, try to eat them raw as soon as possible. For example, you can eat them in a salad at noon.
As for fruits, they are full of vitamins and minerals that will help fight fatigue. This is especially the case with kiwis, oranges and grapefruits, which are rich in vitamin C. So don’t hesitate to eat them in the morning or during the day, whenever you need a snack. Finally, you can also drink them in the form of freshly squeezed juice.

2) Seeds

Seeds, like chia or sesame seeds, are filled with good things for our bodies. For example, you can eat it in the morning with yogurt, which is also a powerful ally against fatigue. This should give you energy to spare for the whole day!
Whole Grains

3) Whole Grains

These are rich in carbohydrates, which will give the body energy after ingestion. In addition, they help boost productivity.
Among whole grains, quinoa and brown rice are two great examples of foods that will help you fight fatigue.

4) Fish

Fish like salmon and cod are rich in B vitamins, which help our bodies generate energy. Fish is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids which, in addition to giving us energy, help to keep us in a good mood!
Dried Fruits and Vegetables

5) Dried Fruits and Vegetables

Dry fruits and vegetables, like nuts and lentils, are high in magnesium. However, it is often recommended in case of slack because it helps fight fatigue by boosting our energy levels.
Note that dried fruits contain a lot of sugar. You must therefore take care to consume them in moderation, without completely removing them from your diet because they are full of benefits.

6) Foods without Sugars and Saturated Fats

In general, avoid processed foods as much as possible. These contain many ingredients that will only tire your body. Without completely banishing sweets from your diet, opt for fresh foods and homemade dishes.
Do you know any other tips and tricks for fighting fatigue? Feel free to share with me whatever works for you, so you can live a life filled with energy!

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