Creativity: 10 Keys to Develop Your Creativity

Creativity is a wonderful ability that allows us to fuel our lives with new and original ideas, and to provide different answers that make it easier for our brains to solve the problems that arise in our everyday life.

Creativity, Develop Your Creativity,

This is undoubtedly a very attractive ability that is beneficial in the professional world. Being creative is a fantastic characteristic that makes us more receptive in our relationships with others as it is associated with a more open and receptive mind.

Take, for example, those people who have a closed view of things and the world around them, and therefore unable to recognize the validity of other points of view.

These personalities are generally focused on their own view of the world where creativity is restricted.

We can train our creativity every day, although it is true that it is often associated with a certain type of personality.

However, we must not forget that it is ability, and that like any ability, we can develop and improve it.

For that to happen, we must show a healthy dose of will, effort and genuine dedication.

Believe it or not, being creative is also a way to bring us closer to simple happiness where the world immediately takes a new turn, where a multitude of paths open to us, and where a universe of possibilities littered with success is close at hand.

Why not try to be more creative?

Keys to Develop Your Creativity

Be Flexible for Develop Your Creativity

Be Flexible for Develop Your Creativity

Start by questioning your whole reality. Review everything you have learned so far, telling yourself that what you have been taught may not be the only way or absolute truth.

Relativize your points of view, and be more flexible about your reality.

Ask Yourself Questions

If you don’t ask yourself questions, you will never gain a deeper understanding of things.

Start thinking about simple things and gradually move to more complex things. Why always take the same route to work and not try a different one?

What can I do to make my meals more original and healthier? What if I started growing my own vegetable garden?

How can I keep my children from forgetting their grandparents? Maybe I could write a book that would contain their memories …

Think Like a Child

Think Like a Child

One day, Pablo Picasso said “In every child there is an artist. The problem is knowing how to remain an artist while growing up ”.

Indeed, children have a gift for innovation, for reconsidering things, and for perceiving the world and its concepts creatively.

Recognize New Points of View

Your truth is neither unique nor absolute. Don’t be closed to new voices or new ideas.

We can all learn from each other, integrate new concepts, open ourselves to new worlds full of possibilities.

We are not only referring to listening to others, but also to the importance of reading, i.e. the importance of reading books, magazines, consulting websites, etc. .

The world is full of information from which we can learn every day to develop our creativity.

Give Your Brain Some Respite

Give Your Brain Some Respite

Sometimes we feel stuck, we can’t take it anymore, and we find ourselves facing a wall that prevents us from moving forward. That’s okay at all, and it’s even normal.

The mind needs to rest, it is a basic need of our brain. Let it drain and log off. Listen to music, go for a walk, take a nap …

The Importance of Psychological Distance

This might surprise you, but several studies have shown that looking at things from a distance, we find better solutions and more creative answers.

Here’s an example: imagine we ask you to write a water-themed tale, and to inspire you we put a glass of water in front of you.

Your imagination will focus only on that glass of water: it dehydrates, it is translucent, tasteless, etc.

Our brain works more efficiently with distance, it appeals to the imagination, and it is more creative if it is not in front of the physical object, as it then becomes more abstract and more sensitive.

Sense of Humor and Creativity

Sense of Humor and Creativity

Creativity is also associated with mood. People who are more open, can laugh, have a good sense of humor, and can express themselves freely, are generally more creative.

So, why not start by relaxing a bit? Why not relativize things and adorn them with a smile in order to nourish us with the energy that positivism brings us?

The Creativity

The Creativity of Sleep

You may have already been about to fall asleep and suddenly … an idea lights up your mind!

You tell yourself you will remember it tomorrow, but when you wake up you forgot it. Why?

Our mind relaxes during the last hours of the day, which is why just as we fall asleep our subconscious, which is like a mischievous child, is more creative.

Therefore, try to always be relaxed, and remember to put a pen and something to write on your nightstand in case a great idea pops up in the middle of the night!

Look for Inspiration

Look for Inspiration

The world is filled with information and thousands of possibilities. If you have a curious mind that knows how to ask questions and doesn’t just accept what is established, you are sure to be one of those people who like to constantly research.

Do you like art, literature and science? Try to read a little every day, keep a journal, ask yourself questions, make up theories, and remake the world.

Cognitive Maps

Cognitive Maps

Mind maps were created by psychologist Tony Buzan in the 90’s. It is a technique for structuring ideas, and accessing cognitive spaces in a more creative way.

They are graphical representations by which our brain picks up information and stores it. How do you get there?

Take the central idea, and from there, attach branches (or connectors) to it that will open up new possibilities for you, and new paths if you associate pictures or words with it.

The goal is to obtain the diagram of a map showing all the ideas starting from a central dimension. These cards are very useful when it comes to develop creativity.


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