Christmas Blues: Causes of Christmas Blues and Prevention

The end of year celebrations are not always a moment of joy. Because sometimes the depression is at the rendezvous. Decreased light, family worries … Christmas and New Year’s Day combine the triggers that can lead to a drop in morale. Some tips to get rid of the year-end blues or Christmas blues.

Causes of Christmas Blues

During the holiday season, there would be more depression, mainly relapses. It may seem contradictory: while the period is synonymous with joy, some will be overcome with sadness. Of course, it should be noted that the end of the year is not the cause of this gloom: Christmas and New Year’s Day can serve as triggers for depression or the risk of relapse into depression.

Christmas Blues: Causes of Christmas Blues and Prevention

The Lack of Light a Factor of Depression or Christmas Blues

Winter, in general, is a period that favors moral declines. Indeed, the decrease in luminosity associated with this period, can be the cause of mild blues, but also seems to play an important role in the appearance of seasonal depressions.

The seasonal depression often appears from October to disappear with the onset of sunny days. It’s a real depression, unlike the blues.

To treat seasonal depression, treatment involves taking antidepressants combined with psychotherapy. In addition, it is also prescribed light therapy sessions. This technique, also used in jet-lag, consists of exposure to special lamps that will simulate sunlight. And it also works in case of Christmas blues.

If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact your doctor. Because sometimes the discomfort is deeper, and factors other than light are involved.

Depression at Christmas

Family and Depression at Christmas

Christmas celebrations are of course family reunions. However, these events are often the triggers for depression or relapses.

Indeed, in some cases, the reunion can give rise to some friction, and revive old conflicts, which can be at the origin of the depressed mood.

In addition, these traditional meetings can awaken the pain associated with an event that has changed the composition of the home (bereavement, divorce, etc.).

But if seeing your family can sometimes be a source of tension, conversely, spending Christmas alone is often much more difficult. And loneliness around the holiday season is one of the biggest triggers for Christmas blues.

Christmas Blues: Causes of Christmas Blues and Prevention

Tips for Prevention Christmas Blues

If depression requires a consultation with a health professional for treatment. A few tips can help you chase the gloom, and ward off the specter of depression.

Don't Spend Christmas Alone

Don’t Spend Christmas Alone

Find out, there are family and friends who would be happy to share the turkey with you! What about your neighbors, neighborhood associations or the town hall? Don’t they organize a little Christmas dinner?

Give Gifts

Joy is communicative. If you are happy, you yourself will be in heaven! More generally, get involved in holiday preparations. You won’t see the time go by!

Change Air

Sometimes you also have to consider changing the setting! Why not take a vacation? If you are not a fan of winter sports, there are many destinations in the sun.

Do not hesitate to Consult

Do not hesitate to Consult

No, not all doctors and shrinks go skiing during the holidays! So if you are experiencing symptoms of Christmas blues, have depression, or simply dread the holidays, do not hesitate to consult them.

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