Caring for Others: Affection is Not Enough

Caring for others, affection alone is not enough. A feeling that does not translate into action does not serve or nourish. We need courageous actions and committed hearts, able to understand that to love is to take care of others and also to right mistakes.

Caring for Others

Letting go, knowing how to close doors, getting away from certain people and certain situations takes a lot of courage. However, it also takes a lot of courage to take care of others, love, right your mistakes, and keep those we love by our side.

It’s not an easy task, it’s true. Because the craft of the heart does not admit of improvisation. We must take thoughtful actions in order to always give the best of ourselves.

There’s an old saying that people stumble over our tongues more often than our feet. It’s a great truth. After all, this is precisely how we end up losing those we love… Because of words never spoken, words have been choked with pride or inexcusable recklessness.

The art of caring for others is all about happiness, but no one is master of it. Often times, we make sad mistakes that we regret our whole life.

To love is to be benevolent, to care and to know how to be present through attitudes, intentions, emotions and behaviors. All of this, without a doubt, requires a great deal of emotional intelligence and also empathy.

Caring for Others: Feeling is not Enough, You have to Show

Caring for Others: Feeling is not Enough, You have to Show

Aesop said in one of his fables that everyone is courageous at a certain safe distance. It is true, in a way, that where this dimension is most lacking is in relationships.

For example, this friendship that crosses barriers to be useful when most needed. Or that love capable of overcoming fears and insecurities in order to give oneself fully and courageously to others.

When it comes to affection, we don’t need anyone to save us. But we hope they dare, that they combine determination and courage to take care of the relationship. We aspire to have people by our side who understand that affection must forge a daily refuge where we feel loved and valued.

Caring for Others takes Courage

Caring for Others takes Courage

Courage takes many forms. There is that of the person who finally conquers his fears and manages to get out of his comfort zone to prove his worth and find his place in the world. There is also that of the person who puts aside a situation that has affected their well-being in order to regain control of their life and their identity.

There are brave people in many professions. Those who put their own lives on the line to save others, for example. Despite the fact that courage in many forms all have one element in common: the love, not the selfishness of those who seek fame, recognition or any other outward reinforcement.

Any courageous person sees no barrier to helping others. Brave is the one who acts according to his values and dares to transform his reality to achieve well-being. Let’s be clear, self-love also means loving, caring for others and fixing mistakes …

It is taking care of the relationship we have with ourselves. Taking care of this internal link with our own being is the only way to always be able to give the best to our loved ones.

The art of being present in the relationships that matter to us

There is a powerful tool for making an impact on others: our presence. Few things leave as much of a mark as showing that person in front of us that we are there for them. Time stands still when we are together and nothing matters more than that precise moment.

What happens in this shared present is precious. Being with the other in presence is the most decisive element in human relationships. You have to give meaning to this moment, through the gaze, the attention and above all the communication.

Appreciate What you Like

Know How to Appreciate What you Like

When we appreciate what we have, the world becomes calm. We no longer desire anything else and we lack nothing because all of our voids are full, filled with well-being, gratitude and affection.

Everything is in order the moment we realize that our life is complete and that happiness is one of the simplest acts, but at the same time incredibly transcendent. Loving, caring, and repairing: this is satisfaction in the world of relationships. It is a form of courage practiced by those who feel satisfied with their emotional connections.

Caring for others who we love at all times, taking care of our words, our decisions and daring to repair our mistakes is the path that will lead us to happiness. Let’s keep this in mind.

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