‘Vedanta’ is life blog. Yes, it’s all about life

What ‘Vedanta’?

‘Vedanta’ is life blog. Yes, it’s all about life.
You can consider ‘Vedanta’ as a resource for understanding the various aspects of life and the problems you face in it. ‘Vedanta’ intends to serve as a guide to help you to understand life more closely and make your life easy. The ultimate aim of this blog is to help you to be happy in life.
In fact, the blog motto of ‘Vedanta’ is “Discover Happiness and You”, and the punch line says it all –
‘Vedanta’ is all about understanding life, finding answers to discover happiness, and rewrite your life story.

Why ‘Vedanta’?

We have seen among the necessary methods during which Vedanta is understood and recognized. Popularly it’s considered one of many traditions and infrequently recognized with the nondualistic strategy to actuality. Literally—and that is how Swami Vivekananda usually employs the phrase—Vedanta is just “the essence of knowledge.” Every true seeker of information could be considered to be a Vedanta scholar.
No matter what Vedanta means to us, one factor is definite: the roots of Vedanta are neither within the East nor within the West, neither in any specific tradition nor in any specific language. The roots of Vedanta are neither in books, nor in individuals, nor in locations. The roots of Vedanta are in the hearts of each one in every of us. If we are able to attain out and contact these roots, they will information us upwards alongside the tree till we uncover the fruit of information within the palm of our arms. The objective of the Vedanta is to water the roots and facilitate the expansion of a wholesome plant. The flowers of this plant are peace and pleasure, and its fruit is information—the information that frees us from bondage and provides us whole achievement.